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About The Prime Pack

 TutorialsPoint emphasizes the importance and relevance of soft skills for professional success with our College to Corporate Ready Prime Pack. The best part is that soft skills, which are as important for employment as hard skills, can be learned and developed. Good communication skills, decision-making skills, teamwork, leadership, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and time management are just a few of the necessary soft skills for career success.

Importance of Soft Skills

  • According to a LinkedIn survey, 92% of HR and recruiting managers are increasingly focusing on soft skills.

  • The World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report emphasized the increased need for soft skills and identified the top 10 skills of 2025.

  • The top three soft skills that recruiters look for in a job prospect are problem-solving (62 %), flexibility (49 %), and time management (48 %), according to a report from iCIMS, Inc.

Why You Should Get This Prime Pack

  1. In the Prime Pack, we discuss some common issues that today's youngsters face in interviews.

  2. We explain the important and fundamental soft skills required to succeed in career.

  3. The prime pack is designed to help hone your interpersonal skills and workplace etiquette.

  4. Helps you to prepare and get through your job interview to land your dream career.


  • To follow your true passion, make the right career decisions, conquer fear, engage in activities outside of your comfort zone, promote financial literacy, and so on.

  • Improve your soft skills such as anger management, self-esteem, body language, work-life balance, personal productivity, social intelligence, job search skills, business ethics, and more.

  • Improving your personality, overcoming depression, making people like you, success rules, how not to be boring, increasing your willpower, decision-making skills, working on your weaknesses, handling failure, becoming \\ wealthy, and so on.

  • Understand telephone etiquette, corporate dressing and grooming, email etiquette, teamwork, people skills, and corporate attitude, among other things.

  • Learn and excel in introducing yourself in an interview, quickly impressing your interviewer, succeeding in job interviews, answering the toughest interview questions, and facing the interviews like a professional, and so on.


  • Basic Understanding of English.

  • Interest to Improve and Work on Soft Skills.

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College to Corporate Ready Prime Pack
This Prime Pack includes
  • Video Courses 5
  • Duration 24.5 hours
  • Lifetime Access Yes
  • Language English
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee Yes
  • Certificate Yes