Microsoft Excel - Excel Rookie to Confident Crash Course

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Microsoft Excel - Excel Rookie to Confident Crash Course

Master the Key Excel Functions and Features that are in Demand in Just 5 Hours . Go from Beginner to Confident in Excel.

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Course Description

Master key Excel functions and features that are in demand today. The Microsoft Excel -  Rookie to Confident Crash Course is designed to do exactly what it's called, take you from an Excel Rookie to a Confident Excel User fast.

The course will first teach you the fundamental Excel skills you need to learn which will give you the foundation to master Excel. This includes key topics such as:

  • Understanding the Excel Interface

  • Relative and Absolute Cell Referencing

  • Key Excel Terminology You Need to Know

  • The Proper way to Write Functions

Once you have grasped these key topics we will move on to more advance and powerful features. This will include:

  • Using popular and advance dynamic functions like - VLOOKUP, IF, SUMIFS, IFERROR, INDEX MATCH and more to boost your productivity and make your life easier literally x 100.

  • Apply conditional formatting to highlight key data, help viewers to visually interpret your reports and beautify them.

  • Utilize macros to automate repetitive tasks.

  • Use pivot tables to summarize and obtain key insights from large volumes of data.

  • Learn many other key Excel features that are highly sort after.

If you're looking to negotiate a better salary with your Boss or significantly expand your job opportunities this course is great for you. I will use my years of experience as an Excel Solutions Consultant and Corporate Excel Trainer to teach you the key skills and features in Excel you need to know to feel confident.

I not only benefited greatly from this course but I truly enjoyed every minute of it! Kerron did a stellar job in teaching with clarity and simplicity. It's super easy to follow along and he is very motivating! Hands down one of the best instructors I have come across in Microsoft Excel, can't wait for the next course! - David Samaroo

I would 100% recommend this course. Kerron teaches in a clear and easy to follow manner. The course is filled with quizzes and practice exercises and solutions which helps you to be able to apply what you learned in the real world. I am feeling really confident in Excel now! - Kyle Rodrick

Research shows that key Excel skills that you should be aware of which this course covers includes:

  • The Fundamentals of Writing Functions

  • Finding Data with Lookup Functions

  • Using Logical Functions to Perform Actions Based on Conditions

  • Manipulating Text with Text Functions

  • Highlighting Key Data with Conditional Formatting

  • Automating Tasks with Macros

  • Using Pivot Tables

What's Included in the Course:

  • 70 plus videos packed with golden nuggets 
  • 5 Hours of concise and to the point topic coverage
  • Quizzes designed to test your understanding and fill in your gaps
  • Real life practice exercises with solutions so you can take what you learned and apply it today

Still reading? This shows that you believe this course provides the knowledge and skills in Excel you want to learn. Then I recommend you enroll because the course delivers everything you read and more. Looking forward to see you inside.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Master the Fundamental and Core Excel concepts that Pros know.
  • Learn how to use the Most Popular and Powerful Functions you should be aware of.
  • Learn to use the Key Features of Pivot Tables to summarize large datasets and extract key insights.
  • Save time and money by Automating boring routine tasks using Macros.
  • Amaze your Boss by mastering the use of Dynamic Time Saving Functions like VLOOKUP, INDEX MATCH, IF, SUMIFS and more.
  • Get my Tips and Best Practices to Fast Track your status to an Advance Excel User.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Microsoft Excel 2010 or above
  • Basic Excel knowledge is an asset but not required as first section of the course covers fundamentals.
Microsoft Excel - Excel Rookie to Confident Crash Course


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

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  • play icon Get Ready for the Course! 04:54 04:54
  • play icon Course Resources
11 Lectures
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Instructor Details

Kerron Duncan

Kerron Duncan

I'm Kerron Duncan. I'm an Excel Solutions Consultant and Excel Corporate Trainer. One of my big passions is designing solutions and solving complex problems using Microsoft Excel.

Fortunately, I also love to teach so I enjoy sharing my knowledge. I have a background in auditing which allowed me to work in multiple industries while performing audits for several years. I use my experience in working in multiple industries along with my Excel knowledge to provide students with the key skills then need to know in Excel and other technologies today.

Ultimately, what makes being an instructor worthwhile for me is to make your life easier by sharing knowledge that will empower you by saving you time, money and so much more. That is my goal in every course I publish. My best wishes to you as you continue to learn.

Warm regards

Kerron Duncan

Excel Galaxy

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